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To lure you to vote for them, the Big Three (PCs, Liberals, and NDPs) make promises of spending more money: this tactic will not solve the increase in the unaffordability of living and is likely to make the quality of life worse which they have done over the last decades.

Fact that none of the Big Three parties is talking about

When Liberals in Ontario won in 2003, the provincial debt inherited from the Conservative government was about $80 BILLION. By 2018 the Liberal government increased the debt with $230 Billion bringing it to $320 Billion.

Only the interests paid by Ontarians on the debt is $1.5 Billion every month. The cost of building a new, state of the art hospital is $700 million. In other words, every month Ontarians are paying 2 (two) new hospitals in interests (only) on the debt created by governments full with scammers. In addition, since 2018, the Conservative Premier Doug Ford added $100 Billion to the debt bringing it to the record $420 Billion.

Always remember: the higher the debt, the higher the taxes or cuts in public services (healthcare, education, transportation, etc.).

Ontario Liberal Party

Liberals’ Leader: braking bylaws

Without applying for a necessary construction permit, the Liberals’ leader Steven Del Duca broke the City’s bylaws when he built a pool in his backyard in a protected environmental land.

When someone reported him to the authorities, he applied for permit but it was denied.

The City indicated that as stipulated by bylaws, the pool should have been built at least 7.5 metres from the public parkland. Instead, the now Liberals’ leader, Steven Del Duca, built it just 1.5 metres away.

Liberals’ Leader: abusing his powers at the expense of public interests

As Minister of Transportation in the Liberal government, Steven Del Duca has “clearly influenced” Metrolinx to approve a proposed Kirby Go Train station in his Vaughan riding, said Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk in her report.

Metrolinx initially did not recommend Kirby Go Train station: it proposed Lawrence East GO station to be built in Toronto. Metrolinx’s business analysis originally discounted the Kirby station because it could increase car traffic, reduce the number of people taking public transit and create more greenhouse gases.

Liberals’ promises: cheese in the mouse trap

buck-a-ride transit: Steven Del Duca and his Don Valley East MPP candidate, Mr. Shamji, are also campaigning on buck-a-ride transit, promising $1 fares on all transit lines in Ontario if their Liberals win the election on June 2. Both, however, are omitting the fact that buck-a-ride transit will last for only 2 years. None of them tells how much would cost the fare after 2 years and how they will made up the shortage in budget - by increase on taxes or fees, or cut in other public services.

Increased housing unaffordability: “In today’s housing affordability crisis, no home should sit vacant,” the Liberal platform says. “We’ll implement an empty homes tax of 5% of assessed value on non-Canadian owners and 2% for Canadian owners with vacant residential units in all urban areas … We’ll also work with our federal partners to ban new non-resident ownership in Ontario’s housing market for at least the next four years.”

The fact Liberals do not want you to know or remember is that the housing affordability crisis has been growing over the years when Steven Del Duca was a cabinet minister in the Liberals government. During this time there were over 60,000 apartments sitting empty in Toronto only.

The Liberal government did nothing to prevent foreigners and investors from making easy and fast money in the housing market on the back of Ontarians. It did nothing to prevent speculations and money laundering through the house market. These are the major reasons for the skyrocketing cost of housing and subsequently the skyrocketing cost of renting a home.

Vote for Consensus Ontario candidate if you want a true and dedicated representative at the Parliament (Queen’s Park).

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